If you are confused about why you should choose Portugal for your home place; the fine weather, lovely beaches and the warm people would be one of the few reasons which could help you get out of your dilemma. It is a place which would provide a safe environment for your kids to play outside the house.

The country has a lot to offer but obviously you would need to chew a little more before you actually make a decision.

Climate is one big crucial thing which one would look out for when they are moving to a new country. This country has an amazing climate; the Southern Portugal (Algarve) has 3,300 hours of sunshine per year. The living cost of daily life is a bit competitive; however, it is interesting to know that majority of the people in the country live in flats which are far cheaper than living in houses. Rents are not expensive in Portugal and one could get a nice place to live with their family at a reasonable rent. Larger cities like Lisbon and Porto have a slight increase in the amounts of rents.

Portugal is a country which has always been famous for its food. You can good quality and quantity of food at a restaurant and pay under €10. Furthermore, it has been voted as one of the safest countries to live in along with a very secular history which makes it a top destination which welcomes the foreigners with open hearts and open arms. If you have an interest in culture then this country would make you fall in love with all the cultural aspects that it holds.

From a relaxation or leisure point of view, because a good holiday is all that one needs at the end of the day, the Algarve region offers a variety of sandy and beautiful beaches where people come from all around the world. If you want to pack your bags and a take a trip to the countryside with your family then it would be just a few hours or even minutes away. And you can always catch a plane and explore the Portuguese islands of the Azores and Madeira.

The people of Portugal are extremely friendly and helpful who would do their best not to make you feel that you are in a new country. Living in Portugal would be a wonderful experience for you and your family.

Moreover, you don’t have to be concerned about the political stability in the country. There are great properties and other opportunities if you are looking to invest your money in. Easy procedures provided with complete guidance would help you to make a better decision before pitching in your money.

With Golden Residence Permit Program it has become easier for newcomers to enter Portugal. It was launched having the sole purpose to attract more foreigners in the country. The law which was passed in 2012 allows the permit holders to live, work and study in Portugal. They can also travel anywhere without a visa within the Schengen zone. To maintain the permit the applicants are required to stay in Portugal for only 7 days. The permit must renew in year 1, year 3 and year 5.

If the investors along with their families succeed in meeting the maximum 7 days residency requirement and also have a basic knowledge of the Portuguese language then they become eligible to obtain the Portuguese citizenship, after a period of 6 years holding the Gold Residence permit.

In Portugal Golden Residence Visa Program, there aren’t any special requirements for the candidates to have personal worth or any management experience. However the clients are required to disclose the source of funds of the investment and the fees. The candidates would have to go through small procedures of standard KYC (know your client) and also anti-money laundering protocols at the Portuguese banks.

There are two ways for the Portugal Investment Program. Firstly, acquiring a real estate worth at least €350,000 having its construction completed 30 years ago, or located in an urban rehabilitation area. Second, to invest at least €500,000 in real state anywhere in Portugal. Also each of these investments must be held for at least 6 years.

Lalani & Associates have a step-by-step procedure which would make it easier to apply for the program and complete all the requirements.


  • The relevant documents required for the program will be filed and then submitted by Lalani & Associates along with all the services and the processing payments.
  • The applicant will have to visit the Portugal Embassy in Islamabad to sign and attest the required documents
  • The funds required for the real estate transaction and the fees for the Portugal Residence Visa Program must arrive in the applicant’s Portugal bank account only and further processed from there
  • Lalani’s partners will help the candidate to visit the country along with their family for 4-5 business days to sign the documents, open the bank account and further verifications required. There will be a for the Temporary Residence Visa application.
  • Approval of the application will be due in 4-6 months, after which the government will issue the file number and the attorney completes the purchasing of the real estate
  • Passports will be submitted for Golden Visa insertions

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