You Must Visit Liwa Once- Know About The Various Attractions

When it comes to taking a break from a monotonous routine then chances are that you may absolutely find yourself in a fix. But then again, a break is a necessity. Going somewhere that can give you a great many happy memories for a lifetime is an opportunity that you must jump for. Visiting Liwa is definitely such an opportunity.

Of course, this place is one of the most beautiful places that one can imagine of visiting. It is practically an oasis. Situated in Abu Dhabi. Liwa definitely calls for one of the best tourist attractions because of the various beautiful attractions it has to offer. Of course, knowing about all will be the greatest motivator for the people no matter what.

There are few absolutely stunning liwa tourist attractions. Before visiting the place, a hands on-knowledge about the same can be great for the people.

The various attractions in Liwa that people must know:

As mentioned there are various attractions in Liwa. One must certainly understand about the few best that stands out of course:

The Mureb Dune:

Taking about Dunes and not mentioning the Mureb dunes is most definitely the greatest mistake that one can do. Of course, this is the highest of all the dunes in Liwa. It has a height of 220 metres from the sea level.

The place is a beauty that one cannot believe in, until seen with their own eyes. The breath-taking landscapes and the sunset is one thing that one may not like to give a miss. For sure this must be one thing that one must see for themselves.

The Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum:

As the name already establishes, this museum is one beauty that represents the beautiful collection of great cars. These cars are brought down from the different countries nevertheless.

Of course the main attractions include the 1890 Ford and not to forget the yellow cab from New York! Also, one must ascertain that there are near about 200 cars in the museum that can be seemingly great for the people’s eyes.

This museum though is only open to the people who have special permission from the Sheikh himself.

The Mezairaa Town:

Every place has its main town. And for Liwa Mezairaa is one of course. This is a city that has laid its foundation between the Hameem as well as the Arada towns. This is also the authority centre for the officials of Abu Dhabi.

This main town offers people with the ease of solving the problem of the utility bills. This is nevertheless one of the best things that one can imagine to themselves. This town is the best of the tourists if they want to camp. Of course the facilities of Barbeque are also made available to them.

The various Liwa Forts:

Being an Oasis is nevertheless one great attraction in itself. This also attracts the attention of enemies in desert. The water sources though scarce, yet are available to the people there. And this is absolutely why in ancient days, this place quite a bit managed to gain the attention of the enemies.

This is absolutely why the locals had to build various forts of clay and straws. These forts now remain as the best attractions for the tourists there. Some of these are even as old as nearly 200 to 300 years old.

The Liwa dessert tours:

Again, with such famous dunes one mustn’t be surprised that there are liwa desert safari available for them. There are many service providers for the same. Selecting the best with a bit care can be ultimately helpful for the people.

Also there are the date festivals and giving this amiss will be a great sin to do.